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How to install a front USB adapter

ATXPowerSupplies.Com writes this article on "how to install a front usb adapter" to help you in connecting a front USB adapter to your motherboard. ATX computer cases sold today usually include a front usb already installed in the case. Connecting the front usb adapter to your motherboard can sometimes be quite confusing if you've never done it before.

Where is the information found pertaining to front USB adapter installation? Many people believe that this information is found with the atx computer case packaging. Not so. This information is found in the motherboard manual. Most motherboards have at least one set of posts for front USB installation. If you do not have the manual for your motherboard try visiting their website. Motherboard manufacturers are usually pretty good about putting their manuals in pdf format on their websites.

Front usb adapters usually have two usb ports on them. Each port has its own set of four wires that connect to the posts on the motherboard. The wires are usually labeled with GND, Power, D2+, and D2- for the first port. The second port will have wires labeled GND, Power, D3+, and D3-. Please note that sometimes the wires are labeled as P0+ and P0- instead of D2+ and D2- for the first port. Likewise, sometimes the wires are labeled as P1+ and P1- instead of D3+ and D3- for the second port.

In your motherboard manual you'll have a section detailing the connection of the front usb. It usually looks something like this:




1.) Power : Connect either of your wires that say "Power" here.
2.) Power : Connect either of your wires that say "Power" here.
3.) D2+ : Connect your wire that says "D2+" or "P0+" here.
4 .) D3+ : Connect your wire that says "D3+" or "P1+" here.
5.) D2- : Connect your wire that says "D2-" or "P0-" here.
6.) D3- : Connect your wire that says "D3-" or "P1-" here.
7.) GND : Connect either of your wires that say "GND" here.
8.) GND : Connect either of your wires that say "GND" here.
9.) None : Connect nothing here.
10.) Reserved : Connect nothing here.

Once you have connected the wires for the front usb to the motherboard you may boot up your computer. Once the operating system loads it usually finds the front usb ports automatically. It is possible that it will ask for a cd with the appropriate drivers for your usb. These drivers are found on your motherboard driver cd. If you don't have a cd with your motherboard then try visiting the manufacturer's website. They usually have drivers available for download for all of the motherboards they manufacture.

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Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes and reflects only the opinion of the author. The sole responsibility rests with the user when installing front usb.

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