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N1238 Dell Optiplex Power Supply Upgrade

Product Number N1238

N1238 Dell Optiplex Power Supply Upgrade
Click to enlarge $79.99
The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:

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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Dell NPS-210AB A
Dell Optiplex GX280 SD
Dell NPS-210AB C
Dell Optiplex GX280 Small Desktop
Dell CN-0N1238
Dell N1238
Dell 0N1238
Dell T0259
Dell R0842
Dell HP-U2106F3
Dell Optiplex DT GX270
Dell Optiplex DT GX60
Dell Optiplex DT GX260
Dell Optiplex DT GX240
Dell Dimension 4300S
Dell Dimension 4500S
Newton NPS-210AB C
Newton NPS-210AB A
Newton NPS-210AB A Rev 02

Key Features:

  1. Fits in place of original Dell N1238 power supplies
  2. SATA connector added to accommodate latest devices
  3. Includes the rare Dell P6 connector
  4. 200 watt replacement, upgrade to 270 watts as an option

Product Description:

The Dell N1238 power supply is an irregular shaped unit that is most commonly found in Optiplex DT systems. Since the original N1238 power supply is now classified as end-of life, we have created for you a retrofit upgrade that will fit in place of your old Dell 1238 power supply. Not only does this power supply fit in place of the old power supply, but it is a nice upgrade that includes SATA compatibility for the latest devices. Even the original Dell P6 connector is included with this power supply to ensure that it is 100 percent compatible. Look at the list below to see all of the computer power supplies that can be replaced with this unit.

Technical Specs:

  • 4" Wide X 1.5" Thick X 11.25" Deep
  • One ATX connector (20 pin)
  • One P4 connector
  • Two SATA connectors
  • Three Molex connectors
  • One floppy connector
  • One Dell P6 connector
Output Max. Load
+5Vsb 2A
-12V 0.8A
+12V 12A
+5V 12A
+3.3V 16A

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