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FSP180-51NIV - 180 Watt SFX Power Supply

Product Number FSP180-51NIV

FSP180-51NIV 180 Watt Micro ATX Computer Power Supply

This 180 watt power supply has been replaced by this more powerful
200 watt power supply.


Key Features:

  1. High efficiency
  2. Low ripple & noise
  3. Output over voltage protection
  4. Short circuit protection on all outputs
  5. Resettable power shut down
  6. Internal 8 cm fan
  7. 100% burn-in under high ambient temperature (50°C)
  8. MTBF: 100K hours at 25°C
  9. Passive PFC (Power Factor Correction) optional
  10. Approve by UL, CAS, TUV, NEMKO, CB, FCC

Product Description:

This FSP180-51NIV 180 watt sfx power supply is a high quality, long lasting unit. Buy this power supply if you're looking for reliable micro atx power and need your power cord to plug into the middle of the power supply. This power supply is a common replacement for hundred of power supplies on the market. Use our power supply cross reference to see if this power supply is the one you need.

Your old power supply might have a 3 wire connector that goes to the motherboard from your power supply. This new power supply has its own internal fan control, and does not require the 3 wire connector like your old power supply does.

Technical Specs:

  • SFX Form factor
  • 4" Wide X 2.5" Tall X 5" Deep
  • One ATX connector (20 pin)
  • One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • Three IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • One Floppy 4 PIN connector
  • Voltage: 115/230 VAC
  • Frequency: 47Hz - 63Hz
  • Input current: 6.0 amps maximum / 115 Vrms, 60Hz; 3.0 amps maximum / 230 Vrms, 50Hz.
  • Over-voltage protection: +5V: 6.5V (maximum); +3.3V: 4.6V (maximum); +12V:15.5V (maximum)
  • Over-current protection: +3.3V:55A maximum; +5V:42A maximum; +12V:20A maximum
  • Remote ON/OFF control: The power supply shall accept a logic collector level which will disable / enable all output voltage (excluding +5V standby).
  • Power good signal: 115/230V (full load): 100 - 500 ms
  • Efficiency: 65% min.
  • Hold-up time: 16.6 ms minimum: at 115V / 60 Hz (full load); 16.6 ms minimum: at 230V / 50 Hz (full load).
  • Operating conditions: ambient temperature 0C~50C
  • Storage and shipping conditions: ambient temperature -20C~+65C
  • Dielectric withstand: input / output 1800 VAC for 1 second, input to frame ground 1800VAC for 1 second
Output Min. Load Max. Load Load Reg. Ripple & Noise
+5Vsb 0A 2A ±5% 50mV P-P
-12V 0A 0.3A ±10% 120mV P-P
+12V 2.0A 10A ±5% 120mV P-P
+5V 1.0A 16/12.6A ±5% 50mV P-P
+3.3V 0.5A 11.5/16.7A ±5% 50mV P-P

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