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Bestec TFX0250D5W Rev X4 TFX Power Supply

Product Number TFX0250D5W

Bestec TFX0250D5W Rev X4 Power Supply


The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:
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Key Features:

  1. Corresponds to Dell part number XW605
  2. Used in Dell Inspiron 530S and 531S computers
video cardUpgrading a video card? Check out our
TFX0250D5W 300W upgrade
or the
TFX0250D5W 80+ upgrade

Product Description:

The Bestec TFX0250D5W Rev X4 power supply is the power supply used in Dell Inspiron 530S and 531S computers. The corresponding Dell part number for this power supply is XW605. With 250 watts of power this Bestec power supply is perfect for just about any application that requires a tfx power supply of this size. As with all power supplies from, this power supply is brand new, not refurbished. This is now discontinued so we will ship out the SPI300T8HNB as a compatible replacement- you can see that listing.

Technical Specs:

  • 3.25" Wide
  • 2.5" Tall
  • 6.75" Deep
  • One 24 Pin ATX Connector
  • One P4 Connector
  • One Floppy Connector
  • Three SATA Connectors
Output Max. Load
+5Vsb 2A
-12V 0.3A
+12V 17A
+5V 18A
+3.3V 11A

Replaces the following computer power supplies:
AC Bel PC7067
AC Bel PC6038
Bestec TFX-250AWWA A00
Bestec TFX-250AWWA
Bestec TFX0250D5WB REV:A00
Bestec TFX0250D5W
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X3
Bestec TFX0250P5WB
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X2
Bestec TFX0250D5W REV X4
Bestec TFX0250D5WB
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