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200 Watt Flex ATX Power Supply for Shuttle Computers

Product Number FLEX-200W

200 Watt Flex ATX Power Supply for Shuttle Computers
Click to enlarge $71.99
The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Achme AM611BS15S
Achme AM618BS15S
Achme AM630BS20S
Advantech Panel PC PPC-174T
Note: You may need to add the 20 pin ATX extension in order to reach the motherboard.
Asus ATP-165AAP
Asus 04-185002081
Channel Well Technology (CWT) PSM200A-89
Delta DPS-185JBA
ElanVital EVP-1655 PJ
Only one screw hole aligns. Power supply can be mounted with only one screw.
ElanVital EVN-1355A
ElanVital EVN-1216
Enhance ENP-2322B-G
Enhance ENP-0812A
Enhance ENP-0615B
Enhance ENP-0615B-G
Enhance ENP-2322A
Enhance ENP-2322C
Enhance ENP-2322B
Enhance ENP-0616A
Enhance ENP-0616B
Enhance ENP-2320
FSP 9PA1802262
HP Pavilion S3240JP
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-545
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-532
IBM SurePOS 300 4810-E3H
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-533
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-E4Z
IBM SurePOS 500 4840-562
IBM SurePOS 500 4846-56Z
IBM 45P6204
IBM SurePOS 300 4810-3H
Lotustronics ENP-0812A
Merit MegaTouch ION
Merit EC7536-01
Powerex SPC-200F
Shuttle XPC SK21G
Shuttle PS-X200W
Shuttle XPC SB51G
Shuttle XPC SB51GB
Shuttle XPC SB52G2
Shuttle XPC SB61G2
Shuttle XPC SS51G
Shuttle XPC SS51G1
Shuttle XPC SS50C
Shuttle XPC SV24
Shuttle XPC SN68SG2
Shuttle XPC SV25
Shuttle XPC FV25
Shuttle XPC SN45G
Shuttle XPC SK41G
Shuttle XPC SN41G2
Shuttle XPC SN41G2B
Shuttle XPC SS40G
Shuttle XPC SK41GPFC
Shuttle XPC SS56G
Shuttle XPC SB62G2
Shuttle XPC SN95G5B
Shuttle XPC SB65G2
Shuttle XPC SB75G2
Shuttle XPC SK43G
Shuttle XPC ST61G4
Shuttle XPC SB83G5
Shuttle XPC SB83G5C
Shuttle XPC SB77G5
Shuttle XPC SS58G2
Shuttle XPC SS51G1(v2.0)
Shuttle PC34N220AC
Shuttle PS-X160W
Shuttle SS50
Shuttle XPC SS56L
Shuttle XPC SG31G2
Shuttle XPC SG31G2 V2
Shuttle XPC SB95P
Shuttle XPC SN25P
Shuttle XPC SK83
Shuttle PC40
Shuttle PC50
Shuttle XPC SN41G
Shuttle XPC SN85G
Note! To be 100% compatible you may need to add the "Molex to SATA" adapter. This is offered right below the picture of the power supply and right above the "buy now" button.
Shuttle PC36I0002
Shuttle KPC K45
Shuttle KPC K48
Shuttle PC3600L
Shuttle WPOS-232
Shuttle XPC SS59
Shuttle XPC SS59GV2
Shuttle XPC SS30G
Shuttle XPC SB61G
Shuttle MusicXPC Professional C1
Shuttle XPC SD30G2
Sparkle FSP200-50PLB
Sparkle FSP180-50PLA1
Sparkle FSP180-50PLA
Sparkle FSP200-50PLA
Sparkle FSP200-50PLA2
Sparkle FSP150-50PL
Sparkle FSP150-50PL1R
Sparkle 9PA1802262
TGR (Tiger Power) TG-1201
TGR (Tiger Power) TG-1204
Thermaltake SD100

Key Features:

  1. Input: 110V/230V AC manual switching
  2. Output power: 200 watts

Product Description:

Shuttle computers use a small sized power supply that is commonly referred to as a flex atx. This 200 watt flex atx power supply model FLEX-200W fits your shuttle computer. It also replaces other flex atx brands like Achme, Enhance, Advantech, Asus, Delta, ElanVital, FSP, IBM, HP, Lotustronics, Merit, Soltek, Sparkle, Tiger Power, and Thermaltake. This ps is discontinued so the FSP220-50FEB will automatically be shipped out as a compatible replacement if you buy this unit, it is 20 MORE watts of passive power.

Technical Specs:

  • 3.25 inches wide x 1.6875 inches tall x 6 inches deep
  • One ATX connector (20/24 pin)
  • One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • Two sata connectors
  • Two molex connectors
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs
Output Max. Load
+5V 9A
-12V 0.5A
+12V 10A
+3.3V 8A
+5Vsb 1.5A

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