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In-Win IW-P240F1-0 IP-P300F1-0 PowerMan Power Supply Replacement

Product Number 601UR

In-Win IW-P240F1-0 IP-P300F1-0 PowerMan Power Supply Replacement
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
FSP FSP150-601U
FSP FSP150-601UR
FSP FSP200-601U
FSP FSP200-601UR
FSP 9PA2001728
FSP 9PA1500718
In Win IW-P240F1-0
In Win IP-P300F1-0
PowerMan IP-P300F1-0
PowerMan IW-P240F1-0
Sparkle FSP200-601UR
Sparkle FSP150-601UR
Sparkle FSP150-601U
Sparkle FSP200-601U
Sparkle 9PA2001728
Sparkle 9PA1500718

Key Features:

  • Replaces In-Win IP-P300F1-0, IW-P240F1-0 and FSP FSP200-601UR FSP150-601UR power supplies
  • Has -5V output just like your original unit, which is crucial to replacement. Without it the replacement will not work.
  • 250 watts - more power than your original power supply

Product Description:

It was one tough project to find a replacement for the power supplies, In-Win IW-P240F1-0, Powerman IW-P240F1-0, FSP200-601UR and FSP150-601UR. Not only were the original power supplies built on an 84mm wide chassis that never really caught on, but the electrical configuration is unique as well. The good news is that after much hard work, this compatible power supply emerged. This power supply upgrade screws directly into the slot of your original IW-P240F1-0, FSP200-601UR or FSP150-601UR power supply. The electrical configuration is correct all the way down to the rare -5V circuit that is needed. Not only does it fit perfectly dimensionally, but you will enjoy 250 watts, which is above and beyond the power of your original unit.

Technical Specs:

  • One ATX Connector (20/24 pin)
  • One P4 Connector
  • Three Molex Connectors
  • One SATA Connector
  • One Floppy Connector
  • Dimensions: 84mm wide X 40mm tall X 152mm deep
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Input: 90-264VAC
  • Wattage: 250 watts
  • Compare this to a FSP150-601UR drawing.
  • Compare this to a FSP200-601UR drawing.
Output Max. Load
+5Vsb 2A
-12V 0.3A
+12V 16A
+5V 19A
+3.3V 16A

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