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Compaq PDP-121 PDP-121P 308615-001 Power Supply Replacement

Product Number 277979-001

Compaq PDP-121 PDP-121P 308615-001 Power Supply Replacement
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The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Compaq d530 CMT d530 CMT
Compaq Presario 6016US
Compaq PDP-123P
Compaq PDP-121P
Compaq PDP-121
Compaq PSP-121
Compaq 277910-001
Compaq 277979-001
Compaq 279086-001
Compaq 277919-001
Compaq 277978-001
Compaq HP-Q220PC3
Compaq 308615-001
Compaq 308437-001
Compaq DPS-240EB
Compaq 271398-001
Compaq 263919-001
Compaq 277918-001
Compaq PS-6221-2C
Compaq Presario 6025RSH
Compaq DC5000 DC5000 Mini Tower
Compaq Evo D310 Mini Tower
Compaq Evo D330
Compaq DC579AV
Compaq Presario 6010US
Compaq PDP-119
Compaq Evo D510
Compaq Presario 8000
Compaq DPS-240EB A
Compaq DPS-240EB
Delta DPS-250RB 1A
Delta DPS-240EB
Delta DPS-240EB A
Delta DPS-240EB
HP d530 CMT d530 CMT
HP 271398-001
HP DC5000 DC5000 Mini Tower
HP Business Desktop D330
Liteon PS-6221-2C

Key Features:

  1. 350 Watts
  2. Replaces odd-shaped Compaq power supplies. See complete list below.
  3. 80 PLUS efficiency rating
  4. New, not used or refurbished

Product Description:

This 300 watt power supply upgrade is a retrofit design to replace a large number of odd-shaped Compaq power supplies. Compaq power supply models PDP-121, PDP-121P, 277979-001, 308615-001, 308437-001 are just a few of the models that are replaced by this power supply. To accomplish this task we had to manufacture a bracket that would mount cleanly in your computer case while also holding a specialized power supply that is electrically compatible with your original compaq power supply. While building this power supply we went ahead and made it 300 watts to give you an extra kick of power.

Technical Specs:

  • 3 7/8" Wide X 5 1/8" Tall X 4 " Deep
  • One ATX connector (20/24 pin)
  • One P4 connector
  • One video power connector
  • Two SATA connectors
  • Four Molex connectors
  • One floppy connector
Output Max. Load
+3.3V 14A
+5V 16A
-5V 0.8A
+12V 19A
-12V 0.8A
+5Vsb 2.5A

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