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350 Watt Silent Quiet ATX Power Supply - UL Listed

Product Number 350WPS



The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
A-Power EP-43060
Acer Veriton M410
Acer Veriton 3600G
Achieve AX300WN/P4
Allied AL-A300ATX
Allied AL-A250ATX
Allied AL-A350ATX
Antec PP-303X
AOpen ATX-250N
AOpen ATX-250GU
AOpen 350WPS
AOpen FSP300-60BT
AOpen FSP250-60GTW
AOpen FSP250-60GTA
Apollo VT-300BA
Astec ATX202-3555
Note: 3 pin connector not needed. This power supply has its own internal fan control and does not need the input from the motherboard.
Astec SA202-3530
Astec AA20050
Astec ATX200-3505
Astec ATX250-3505
Astec 73-610-006
Astec pse5-115/230-CI-006
Astec A77151-501-02-ECL D
Astec ATX145-3485
Astec ATX145-3505
Astec SA320-3525
Astec SA302-3515
Astec AA20230
Austin DR-B300ATX
Bestec ATX0300D5WC
Bestec ATX0300D5WC Rev A
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D7R
Bestec ATX-250-12Z
Bestec ATX-300-12E Rev D1R
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D2
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D1
Bestec ATX0300D5WC Rev B
Bestec ATX-250-12ZD
Bestec ATX-250-12ZD 2R
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev D3R
Bestec ATX-250-12E
Bestec ATX-250-12E Rev. P7
Bestec ATX-250-12V
Channel Well Technology (CWT) CWT-235MD 12
Chieftec HPC-300-202
Cinch AT-250S
Codegen 200X1
Compaq 201828-001
Compaq Presario SR5310F
Compaq 200W
Compaq Presario SR5350F
Compaq Deskpro EX
Compaq Deskpro SBi
Compaq Presario SR5313WM
Compaq Presario SR5333WM
Compaq 5187-1098
Compaq 5183-6914
Compaq Presario SR5302FH
Compaq Presario SR1103WM
Compaq Presario SR1123WM
Compaq Presario 6410LA
Compaq Presario 6410LS
Compaq PS-4151-6CT
Very important: this replacement will not work unless you add this ATX to AT adapter to your order. The power supply you are trying to replace was manufactured at a time when the industry was moving away from AT power supplies and more towards ATX power supplies. What you have is something of a hybrid from that error. Add this adapter to the power supply we are suggesting to the left, and you should be good to go.
Compaq Presario 6420LA
Compaq Presario 6420LS
Compaq Presario 6430LA
Compaq Presario 6430LS
Compaq Presario S3000AP
Compaq Presario S3100AN
Compaq Presario S3000NX
Compaq Presario S3010AN
Compaq Presario SR5313HK
Compaq Presario S5200NX
Compaq Presario S3010CL
Compaq Presario SR5333HK
Compaq Presario S3010IL
Compaq Presario S3020AP
Compaq Presario SR1365CL
Compaq Presario S3030AP
Compaq Presario SR1365CL-B
Compaq Presario S3030IL
Compaq Presario S3030US
Compaq Presario S3040SE
Compaq Presario S3050AN
Compaq Presario S3060AN
Compaq Presario S3080AP
Compaq Presario SR5402FH
Compaq Presario S3090AP
Compaq Presario S3100AP
Compaq Presario S3100KR
Compaq Presario SR5433HK
Compaq Presario S3100NX
Compaq Presario SR5453HK
Compaq Presario S3110AP
Compaq Presario S3120AN
Compaq Presario SR5450F
Compaq Presario S3120IN
Compaq Presario SR5410F
Compaq Presario S3130AP
Compaq Presario S3130AX
Compaq Presario S3150AP
Compaq Presario SR5433WM
Compaq Presario S3160AP
Compaq Presario SR5413WM
Compaq Presario S3180AN
Compaq Presario S3200AP
Compaq Presario S3200NX
Compaq Presario S3210AP
Compaq Presario S3210IN
Compaq Presario S3220AP
Compaq Presario S3220IN
Compaq Presario SG3310BR
Compaq Presario S3230AP
Compaq Presario SG3315BR
Compaq Presario S3240IN
Compaq Presario SG3317BR
Compaq Presario S3250AP
Compaq Presario S3260AN
Compaq Presario SR5404F
Compaq Presario S3260AP
Compaq Presario SR5448F
Compaq Presario S3270AN
Compaq Presario SR2010NX
Compaq Presario S3300KR
Compaq Presario S3300NX
Compaq 5187-1099
Compaq Presario S3310CL
Compaq Presario S3310OM
Compaq Presario S3320AP
Compaq Presario S3350KR
Compaq Presario S3380AN
Compaq 440568-001
Compaq Presario S3500CL
Compaq Presario S3610LA
Compaq 444813-001
Compaq Presario S3610LS
Compaq Presario S3630LA
Compaq dx2300 Microtower
Compaq Presario S3630LS
Compaq Presario S3650LA
Compaq Presario S4000NX
Compaq Presario S4010CL
Compaq Presario S4010LA
Compaq Presario S4010LS
Compaq Presario S4010OM
Compaq Presario S4020LA
Compaq Presario S4020LS
Compaq Presario S4020WM
Compaq Presario S4030LA
Compaq Presario S4030LS
Compaq Presario S4030NX
Compaq Presario S4040SE
Compaq Presario S4100NX
Compaq Presario S4110CL
Compaq Presario S4120WM
Compaq Presario S4200NX
Compaq Presario S4210NX
Compaq 0950-2700
Compaq Presario S4214BD
Compaq Presario S4220NX
Compaq 0950-3374
Compaq Presario S4300CL
Compaq Presario S4300NX
Compaq Presario S4500NX
Compaq dx2200
Compaq Presario S5000CL
Compaq Presario SR5605F
Compaq Presario S5000J
Compaq Presario S5000LA
Compaq Presario S5000NX
Compaq Presario 6520
Compaq Presario S5008NX
Compaq Presario S5010LA
Compaq 0950-3949
Compaq Presario S5020LA
Compaq Presario S5020LS
Compaq 0950-3971
Compaq Presario S5020NX
Compaq 0950-3975
Compaq Presario S5030LA
Compaq Presario S5100CL
Compaq Presario S5100NX
Compaq Presario S5140WM
Compaq Presario S5200CL
Compaq Presario S5100NX
Compaq 5183-6914
Compaq Presario S5140WM
Compaq Presario S5200CL
Compaq Presario S5300NX
Compaq Presario S5314ST
Compaq 482949-001
Compaq Presario S5322CC
Compaq Presario S5400NX
Compaq 5187-1098
Compaq Business Desktop dx2355
Compaq Presario S5410NX
Compaq Business Desktop dx2358
Compaq Presario S6000CL
Compaq Presario S6000NX
Compaq Presario S6010NX
Compaq Presario CQ5210F
Compaq Presario S6020WM
Compaq Presario S6030NX
Compaq Presario S6100NX
Compaq Presario S6104NX
Compaq 0950-3523
Compaq Presario S6200CL
Compaq Presario S6220WM
Compaq 152769-001
Compaq Presario S6300NX
Compaq Presario S6306RC
Compaq 153652-001
Compaq Presario SR5518F
Compaq Presario S6308NX
Compaq 127999-001
Compaq Presario S6500NX
Compaq AF000151
Compaq 145W
Compaq Presario S6700CL
Compaq Presario 7500
Compaq Presario S6700NX
Compaq D3936-69003
Compaq Presario 7500CTO
Compaq Presario S6900NX
Compaq Presario 7543
Compaq Presario SR1010LA
Compaq DPS-200PB-103 E
Compaq Presario 7573
Compaq Presario SR1002LA
Compaq Presario SR5710F
Compaq Presario 7583
Compaq Presario SR1003LA
Compaq DPS-200PB-74 B
Compaq Presario 7588
Compaq Presario SR1010LA
Compaq Presario 7590
Compaq Presario SR1010NX
Compaq DPS-200PB-89 G
Compaq Presario 7594
Compaq Presario SR1011NX
Compaq Presario 7599
Compaq Presario SR1012NX
Compaq PW-230ATX
Compaq Presario 5365
Compaq Presario SR1015LA
Compaq Presario 5475
Compaq Presario SR1020LA
Compaq Presario 5477
Compaq Presario SR1020NX
Compaq X-145C
Compaq Presario 5835
Compaq Presario SR1023WM
Compaq Presario 5BW284
Compaq Presario SR1030LA
Compaq Presario 7485
Compaq Presario SR1030NX
Compaq Presario 7895
Compaq Presario SR1033WM
Compaq Presario SR1034NX
Compaq Presario 7922
Compaq Presario SR1044BB
Compaq Presario 5400CTO
Compaq Presario SR1050NX
Compaq Presario 5800
Compaq Presario SR1053WM
Compaq Presario 5BW
Compaq Presario SR1055CL
Compaq Presario 7800
Compaq Presario SR1090NX
Compaq Presario 7900
Compaq Presario SR11102BD
Compaq Presario SR1110NX
Compaq Presario SR1111NX
Compaq Presario SR1112BD
Compaq Presario SR1113NX
Compaq Presario SR1114NX
Compaq Presario SR1115CL
Compaq Presario SR1120NX
Compaq Presario SR1124NX
Compaq Presario SR1130NX
Compaq Presario SR1132CU
Compaq Presario SR1135CL
Compaq Presario SR1150NX
Compaq 128017-001
Compaq Presario SR1170NX
Compaq 200W
Compaq Presario S7300CL
Compaq Presario 5900T
Compaq Presario 6000T CTO
Compaq Presario SR1215CL
Compaq Presario 5700N
Compaq Presario 6000Z CTO
Compaq Presario 5700T
Compaq Presario 8000T CTO
Compaq Presario 5745
Compaq Presario S3000T CTO
Compaq Presario 5852
Compaq Presario S3000V CTO
Compaq Presario 5700
Compaq Presario S3000Z CTO
Compaq Presario 5800
Compaq Presario S4000J CTO
Compaq Presario S4000T CTO
Compaq Presario S4000V CTO
Compaq Presario S4000Z CTO
Compaq Presario S5000T CTO
Compaq Presario S5000V CTO
Compaq Presario S6000T CTO
Compaq Presario S6000V CTO
Compaq Presario S6000Z CTO
Compaq Presario S6010V CTO
Compaq Presario SR1000T CTO
Compaq 153652-004
Compaq Presario SR1000V CTO
Compaq 250W
Compaq Presario SR1000Z CTO
Compaq Presario 5000T CTO
Compaq Presario SR1010V CTO
Compaq DPS-300GB A
Compaq Presario 5SPXE1
Compaq 180306-001
Compaq Presario 5006LA
Compaq 210803-001
Compaq Presario 5100xx CTO
Compaq 180306-004
Compaq Presario 5300CA
Compaq 217220-001
Compaq Presario 5300US
Compaq DPS-300GB C
Compaq Presario 5300XX
Compaq Presario 5301RSH
Compaq Presario 7110US
Compaq Presario 5310CA
Compaq Presario SR1410NX
Compaq Presario 5310LA
Compaq Presario 5310US
Compaq Presario SR5421F
Compaq Presario 5311SR
Compaq Presario 5313KS
Compaq Presario 5320CA
Compaq Presario 5000A
Compaq 103748-001
Compaq Presario 5000US
Compaq Presario 5000Z
Compaq Presario SR1316NX
Compaq 124848-001
Compaq Presario 5006CA
Compaq Presario 5006H
Compaq 124892-001
Compaq Presario 5006US
Compaq Presario 5007H
Compaq Presario 5008CA
Compaq Presario 5008H
Compaq Presario 5080US
Compaq Presario 5109RSH
Compaq Presario 5122LA
Compaq Presario 5150WM
Compaq Presario 5420US
Compaq 263998-001
Compaq Presario 5888
Compaq Presario 5900Z
Compaq 266503-001
Compaq Presario 5WV297
Compaq Presario 7000T
Compaq 271353-001
Compaq Presario 7000Z
Compaq Presario 7998
Compaq 278645-004
Compaq Presario 7AP195
Compaq Presario 7EL1193
Compaq 278645-006
Compaq Presario 5000xx CTO
Compaq DPS-200PB-101F
Compaq Presario 5100 CTO
Compaq Presario 5400xx CTO
Compaq DPS-200PB-146-B
Compaq Presario 5WV
Compaq Presario SR1230NX
Compaq 334540-001
Very important: this replacement will not work unless you add this ATX to AT adapter to your order. The power supply you are trying to replace was manufactured at a time when the industry was moving away from AT power supplies and more towards ATX power supplies. What you have is something of a hybrid from that error. Add this adapter to the power supply we are suggesting to the left, and you should be good to go.
Compaq 166814-001
Compaq 334543-001
Very important: this replacement will not work unless you add this ATX to AT adapter to your order. The power supply you are trying to replace was manufactured at a time when the industry was moving away from AT power supplies and more towards ATX power supplies. What you have is something of a hybrid from that error. Add this adapter to the power supply we are suggesting to the left, and you should be good to go.
Compaq 174871-001
Compaq 254475-001
Compaq X-200C
Compaq 332863-001
Compaq Deskpro EP P667
Compaq Deskpro EP 810e
Compaq Deskpro SB 6400
Compaq Deskpro SB 6400CDM
Compaq Proliant 400
Compaq Presario SR1903WM
Compaq Proliant 400 PIII 6
Compaq Proliant 400 PIII 600
Compaq Prosignia 720
Compaq Prosignia 700 SMB
Compaq Prosignia Desktop 310
Compaq Prosignia Desktop 330
Compaq Professional Workstation AP200
Compaq Presario SR5234X
Compaq Presario SR5254X
Compaq Presario SR5214X
Deer DR-300ATX
Deer DR-250ATX
Deer DR-A250ATX
Deer LC-250ATX
Deer DR-A300ATX
Deer DR-B300ATX
Dell Dimension LxxxCXE
Dell Dimension LxxxCX
Dell Dimension LxxxC
Dell OptiPlex G1
Dell OptiPlex GX1
Dell OptiPlex GX110
Dell OptiPlex GX115
Dell OptiPlex GX300
Dell OptiPlex GN
Dell OptiPlex GN+
Dell OptiPlex GXa
Dell OptiPlex GXi
Dell OptiPlex GX50
Dell OptiPlex GX60
Dell OptiPlex GX150 Tower
Dell OptiPlex GX240 Tower
Dell OptiPlex GX260 Tower
Dell OptiPlex GX270 Tower
Dell PowerEdge 600SC
Dell Precision 340
Dell PowerEdge 400SC
Dell Precision 210
Dell HP-P2507F3CP
Dell Precision 220
Dell HP-P1457F3
Dell Precision 400
Dell 02N333
Dell 2N333
Dell HP-P2507F3R
Dell PS-5201-7D
Dell Optiplex GX250 Tower
Dell TH-9228C
Dell 824KH
Dell GX150 Mini Tower
Dell XPS B866r
Dell PS-5141-3D2
Dell Dimension XPS B
Dell Dimension XPS Dxxx
Dell PS-5251-2DFS
Dell Dimension XPS Mxxx
Dell Dimension XPS Rxxx
Dell Dimension XPS Txxx
Dell Dimension XPS P133c MT
Dell Dimension XPS Pro 180n
Dell Dimension XPS B866r
Dell Dimension XPS 410
Dell 8X949
Dell 08X949
Dell F0894
Dell H2678
Dell N2286
Dell M1608
Dell HP-P2507FW
Dell Dimension XPS T700r
Dell 0009228C
Dell PS-5231-1
Dell 9228C
Dell 0824KH
Dell HP-P2507F3P
Dell PS-5201-8D2
Dell 1E115
Dell Dimension L1000R
Dell Dimension 2100
Dell Dimension 4100
Dell Dimension B1000R
Dell Dimension V350
Dell HP-P2007F3
Dell Dimension V400
Dell HP-P2037F3
Dell Dimension 2200
Dell HP-P2507F3B
Dell Dimension 2300
Dell HP-P2507F3C
Dell Dimension 2350
Dell Dimension 2400
Dell HP-P2507HWP
Dell HP-P2507FWP
Dell Dimension 4300
Dell Dimension 4400
Dell Dimension 4500
Dell Dimension 4550
Dell Dimension 8200
Dell Dimension 8250
Dell XPS B
Dell XPS Dxxx
Dell XPS Mxxx
Dell XPS Rxxx
Dell XPS Txxx
Dell Dimension 4600
Dell XPS P133c MT
Dell XPS Pro 180n
Dell Optiplex GX270 Mini Tower
Dell Dimension LxxxR
Delta DPS-300BB-1F
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B
Delta GPS-300AB-200D
Delta DPS-300AB
Delta DPS-200PB-89 D
Delta DPS-300KB-1A
Delta DTPS-200PB-109A
Delta DPS-200PB-74 B
Delta DPS-300GB A
Delta DPS-300GB C
Delta DPS-250QB-4 B
Delta DPS-250QB-4 A
Delta DPS-250QB-4
Delta DPS-200PB-89 G
Delta DPS-200PB-90 G
Delta GPS-350AB-200E
Delta DPS-200PB-101F
Delta DPS-200PB-146-B
Delta DPS-250AB-22E
Delta DPS-200PB-89 C
Dynapro ET 4000
Dynapro ErgoTouch 4000
Emachine C2160
Emachine C2480
Emachine C2684
Emachine D2046
Emachine D2244
Emachine D2246
Emachine D2266
Emachine D2346
Emachine D2386
Emachine W4885
Emachine D2586
Emachine H2482
Emachine S1940
Emachine T1300
Emachine T1760
Emachine T1862
Emachine T2200
Emachine W3502
Emachine T2200SE
Emachine T2260
Emachine T2460
Emachine T2482
Emachine T2484
Emachine T2625
Emachine T2825
Emachine T2865
Emachine W2888
Emachine T4510
Emachine ET1831-05
Emachine T4511
Emachine W1500
Emachine W1640
Emachine W1700
Emachine W1800
Emachine W2040
Emachine W2047
Emachine T2984
Emachine W2060
Emachine W2247
Emachine W2686
Emachine W2785
Emachine W4682
Emachine 100744
Emachine C2685
Emachine C2825
Emachine D2685
Emachine H2542
Emachine H2602
Emachine H2615
Emachine H2642
Emachine H2825
Emachine H2865
Emachine T2596
Emachine T2642
Emachine T2672
Emachine T2692
Emachine T2778
Emachine T2792
Emachine T2882
Emachine T2895
Emachine T4697
Emachine T2958
Emachine T5248
Emachine T3256
Emachine W3503
Emachine W3506
Emachine T5234
Emachine T2885
Emachine ET1641
Emachine EP-43060
Emachine T5274a
Emachine T2896
Emachine T3304
Emachine 1670
Emachine C1641
Emachine C2280
Emachine H2341
Emachine S1642
Emachine S1862
Emachine S2482
Emachine S2485
Emachine T1140
Emachine T1150
Emachine T1220
Emachine T1221
Emachine T1360
Emachine W3507
Emachine T1440
Emachine T1600
Emachine T1742
Emachine T1840
Emachine T1842
Emachine T1860
Emachine T1980
Emachine T2040
Emachine T2042
Emachine T2080
Emachine T2082
Emachine T2085
Emachine T2240
Emachine T2245
Emachine T2341
Emachine ET1161-01
Emachine T2385
Emachine ET1161-03
Emachine T2542
Emachine ET1161-05
Emachine ET1161-07
Emachine T2605
Emachine T2615
Emachine T2682
Emachine T4060
Emachine T4080
Emachine T4170
Emachine W2646
Emachine W4065
Emachine 1763
Emachine A26EV17F
Emachine C1844
Emachine C1904
Enhance ATX-112BTA
Enhance ATX-1125BTA-R300
Enhance ATX-2030F
Enlight EN-8301734
Enlight HPC-300-202
Enlight HPC-300-101
Enlight HPC-300-102
Enlight EN-8304946
Enlight EN-8257901
Ever Power CWT-300ATX
Ever Power CWT-250ATX-A
Ever Power CWT-235ATX
FSP 9PX3003006
FSP 9PA3004241
FSP 9PA3004205
FSP 9PA3004200
FSP F300-A
FSP 9PX3004639
FSP FSP250-60MDN-120US
FSP F300-B
FSP 9PA300A900
Gateway 500C
Gateway 310S
Gateway 6500788
Gateway 6500345
Gateway E3400
Gateway ESX 500S
Gateway 700X
Gateway E-4650
Gateway Performance 1400
Gateway E-4000
Gateway GT5620
Gateway 6500843
Gateway 510 SE Pro
Gateway 510 SE
Gateway 2900308
Gateway Performance 1700
Gateway Performance 1700 PC
Gateway 6500365
Gateway 300SE
Gateway 6500155
Gateway 7210
Gateway E-1500
Gateway E-1600
Gateway DX4300-11
Gateway DX4300-15e
Gateway 700XL
Gateway E-4300
Gateway 6500565
Gateway 6506087R
Gateway 500XL
Gateway 700S
Gateway 6500936
Gateway 510S
Gateway 6500611
Gateway Performance 2000XL
Gateway 6500525
Gateway 6500583
Gateway 6500470
Gateway 6500703
Gateway E4600
Gateway GT 5620
Gateway 6500582
Gateway 6500704
Gateway 6500457
Gateway 6500526
Gateway 6500612
Gateway 6500587
Gateway 6500652
Gateway 6500704
Gateway 6500684
Gateway 6500811
Gateway E-6100
Gateway 6500055
Gateway POW145005AAWW
Gateway DX4300-03
Gateway POW145006AAWW
Gateway POW145002AAWW
Gateway POW145004AAWW
Gateway 6500404
Gateway 6500459
Gateway 6500124
Gateway 6500165
Gateway 6500453
Gateway 6500454
Gateway 6500563
Gateway 3200SB
Gateway E-2300
Gateway Performance 1600
Gateway Performance 1600CL
Gateway E-4600
Gateway 500X
HeroIchi HEC-300LR-TE
HeroIchi HEC-300LR-PT
HeroIchi HEC-300LR-ATB
High Power HPC-300-202
High Power HPC-300-101
High Power HPC-300-102
High Power HPC-300-102DF
Hipro HP-235ATXAK
Hipro 74P4433
Hipro 49P2040
Hipro 24P6801
Hipro HP-U340HF3
Hipro HP-235ATXAF
Hipro HP-P3087F3
Hipro HP-P3087F3 LF
Hipro PW-230ATX
Hipro HP-D3057F3H
Note: It may be necessary to add the Molex to SATA adapter to this device for 100% compatibility.
Hipro HP-P350W
Hipro HP-P3507F5
Hipro HP-235NLXAK
Hipro HP-235NLXAF
Hipro HP-P3037F5
Hipro HP-D2537F3R
HP Pavilion 9850
HP Pavilion 9851
HP Pavilion a6303w
HP Pavilion 9853
HP Pavilion a6313w
HP Pavilion 9855
HP Pavilion a6323w
HP Pavilion 9870
HP Pavilion 9871
HP Pavilion 9880
HP Pavilion a6357c
HP Pavilion 9888
HP Pavilion a6302f
HP Pavilion 9895
HP Pavilion a6312p
HP Pavilion 98XX
HP Pavilion a6314f
HP Pavilion 9900 CTO
HP Pavilion a6318f
HP Pavilion 9905 CTO
HP Pavilion a6042n
HP Pavilion a6319f
HP Pavilion 9910
HP 5188-2622
HP Pavilion a6334f
HP Pavilion 9910 CTO
HP Pavilion a6667c
HP Pavilion a6342p
HP Pavilion 9971
HP Pavilion 9977
HP Pavilion g3220tw
HP Pavilion 9995
HP Pavilion a6320tw
HP Pavilion XV799
HP Pavilion a6330tw
HP Pavilion XV880
HP Pavilion a6340tw
HP Pavilion XV886
HP Pavilion a6345tw
HP Pavilion XV888
HP Pavilion a6317c
HP Pavilion XV976
HP Pavilion a6337c
HP Pavilion XV998
HP Pavilion a6328hk
HP 5187-1098
HP Pavilion a6338hk
HP Pavilion a6348hk
HP Pavilion 8000T
HP Pavilion 8000Z
HP Pavilion S4020AP
HP Pavilion a6333w
HP Pavilion a110m
HP Pavilion a6308hk
HP Pavilion a110t
HP Pavilion a6300t
HP Pavilion a200m
HP Pavilion a6300t CTO
HP Pavilion a200n
HP Pavilion a6412p
HP Pavilion a200t
HP Pavilion a6418f
HP Pavilion a200y CTO
HP Pavilion a6432f
HP Pavilion a205v
HP Pavilion a6442p
HP Pavilion a1257c
HP Pavilion a206x
HP Pavilion a207m
HP Pavilion a6403hk
HP Pavilion a210e CTO
HP Pavilion a6428hk
HP Pavilion a210m
HP Pavilion a6448hk
HP Pavilion a210n
HP Pavilion a210t
HP Pavilion a210y CTO
HP Pavilion a6400f
HP Pavilion a215m
HP Pavilion a220n
HP Pavilion a230n
HP Pavilion a6433w
HP Pavilion a244w
HP Pavilion a6403w
HP Pavilion a245c
HP Pavilion a250e CTO
HP Pavilion a250n
HP Pavilion a6437c
HP Pavilion a250y CTO
HP Pavilion a6417c
HP Pavilion a255c
HP Pavilion a6410t
HP Pavilion a257c
HP Pavilion a6410t CTO
HP Pavilion a262n
HP Pavilion a6420tw
HP Pavilion a264w
HP Pavilion a6438hk
HP Pavilion a265c
HP Pavilion a282n
HP Pavilion a287x
HP Pavilion a288n
HP Pavilion a6408hk
HP Pavilion a290n
HP Pavilion a296n
HP Pavilion a705w
HP Pavilion a300n
HP Pavilion t461
HP Pavilion a300y CTO
HP Kayak XM600
HP 5187-1099
HP Pavilion a1520e
HP Pavilion a302x
HP Kayak XM600 DT
HP Pavilion a305w
HP Kayak XU800
HP 0950-3628
HP Pavilion a307x
HP Pavilion a306x
HP 440568-001
HP Pavilion a310e CTO
HP Pavilion a310m
HP 444813-001
HP Pavilion a310n
HP Pavilion a310t
HP dx2300 Microtower
HP Pavilion a316n
HP Pavilion a317x
HP Pavilion a320m
HP Pavilion a320n
HP Pavilion a320t
HP Pavilion a324x
HP Pavilion a330n
HP Pavilion a335w
HP Pavilion a336n
HP Pavilion a340n
HP Pavilion a342n
HP Pavilion a345c
HP Pavilion a345w
HP Pavilion a347x
HP Pavilion a350e CTO
HP Pavilion p6310f
HP Pavilion a350n
HP Pavilion p6310y
HP Pavilion a350y CTO
HP Pavilion a362n
HP Pavilion t350
HP Pavilion a365c
HP 0950-3374
HP Pavilion a367c
HP Pavilion a375c
HP Pavilion a376x
HP Pavilion a384x
HP Pavilion a387x
HP dx2200
HP Pavilion a400n
HP Pavilion a400y CTO
HP Pavilion a404x
HP Pavilion a710n
HP Pavilion a405n
HP Pavilion a406x
HP Pavilion a408x
HP Pavilion a410e
HP Pavilion a410n
HP Pavilion a410y CTO
HP Pavilion a412n
HP Pavilion a414x
HP Pavilion a418x
HP Pavilion a420n
HP Pavilion a422n
HP Pavilion a424x
HP Pavilion a430n
HP Pavilion a434n
HP Pavilion a445c
HP 482949-001
HP Pavilion a445w
HP Pavilion a446x
HP Business Desktop dx2355
HP Pavilion a450e CTO
HP Business Desktop dx2358
HP Pavilion a450n
HP Pavilion a450y CTO
HP Pavilion a462x
HP Pavilion a465c
HP Pavilion a465w
HP Pavilion a475c
HP Pavilion a500n
HP Pavilion a500y CTO
HP Pavilion a505m
HP Pavilion a510e CTO
HP 0950-3523
HP Pavilion a510m
HP Pavilion a510n
HP 152769-001
HP Pavilion a518x
HP Pavilion a520n
HP 153652-001
HP Pavilion 752w
HP Pavilion a522n
HP Pavilion a1019h
HP Pavilion a523x
HP AF000151
HP 0950-3982
HP Pavilion Elite e9240f
HP Pavilion a524x
HP Pavilion a527x
HP D3936-69003
HP Pavilion a1200y CTO
HP Pavilion a530e CTO
HP Pavilion a1320y
HP Pavilion a530n
HP DPS-200PB-103 E
HP Pavilion a1400e
HP Pavilion a532x
HP Pavilion a1410e
HP Pavilion a535w
HP DPS-200PB-74 B
HP Pavilion a1424n
HP Pavilion a545c
HP Pavilion a1520e CTO
HP Pavilion a550e CTO
HP DPS-200PB-89 G
HP Pavilion a1709n
HP Pavilion a550y CTO
HP Pavilion a1720n
HP Pavilion a556x
HP Pavilion a1740n
HP Pavilion a562n
HP Pavilion a1742n
HP Pavilion a564n
HP Pavilion a1767c
HP 0950-3439
HP Pavilion a566n
HP X-145C
HP Pavilion a1777c
HP Vectra VL
HP Pavilion a574n
HP Pavilion a6005la
HP Vectra VLi8
HP Pavilion a600n
HP Pavilion a6009n
HP Pavilion a600y CTO
HP Pavilion a6010br
HP Pavilion a604x
HP Pavilion a6010la
HP Pavilion a605x
HP Pavilion a6010n
HP Pavilion a610e CTO
HP Pavilion a6015br
HP Pavilion a610n
HP Pavilion a6019h
HP Pavilion a610y CTO
HP Pavilion a6020br
HP Pavilion a612x
HP Pavilion a6037c
HP Pavilion a614n
HP Pavilion a6040n
HP Pavilion a618x
HP Pavilion a6044xe
HP Pavilion a6683w
HP Pavilion a620n
HP Pavilion a6045x
HP Pavilion a622n
HP Pavilion a6057c
HP Pavilion a624x
HP Pavilion a6077c
HP Pavilion a635w
HP Pavilion a6109n
HP Pavilion a636n
HP Pavilion a6110n
HP Pavilion a640n
HP Pavilion a6112n
HP Pavilion a642n
HP Pavilion a6113w
HP Pavilion a643n
HP Pavilion a6118x
HP Pavilion a645c
HP Pavilion a6120n
HP Pavilion a646c
HP Pavilion a6123w
HP 0950-2700
HP Pavilion a647c
HP Pavilion a6125br
HP 5183-6914
HP Pavilion a650e CTO
HP Pavilion a6130n
HP Pavilion a650y CTO
HP Pavilion a6137c
HP Pavilion a656x
HP Pavilion a6142n
HP Pavilion 8100
HP Pavilion t115m
HP Pavilion a6157c
HP Pavilion 8110
HP Pavilion t115t
HP Pavilion a6167c
HP Pavilion 8111
HP Pavilion t120m
HP Pavilion a6200n
HP Pavilion 8120
HP Pavilion t120t
HP Pavilion a6202n
HP Pavilion 8130
HP Pavilion t130m
HP Pavilion a6203w
HP Pavilion 8140
HP Pavilion t130t
HP Pavilion a6205br
HP Pavilion 8155P
HP Pavilion t140m
HP Pavilion a6207c
HP Pavilion 8160
HP Pavilion t220m
HP Pavilion a6208hk
HP Pavilion 8165
HP Pavilion t220t
HP Pavilion a612n
HP Pavilion a6212n
HP Pavilion 8175
HP Pavilion t230m
HP Pavilion a6213w
HP Pavilion 8176
HP Pavilion t230t
HP Pavilion a6217c
HP Pavilion 8180
HP Pavilion t240m
HP Pavilion a6218hk
HP Pavilion 8190
HP Pavilion t322m
HP Pavilion a6218x
HP Pavilion 8201
HP Pavilion t325m
HP Pavilion a6219h
HP Pavilion 8208
HP Pavilion a6223w
HP Pavilion 8208H
HP Pavilion t325t
HP Pavilion a6228hk
HP Pavilion 8215
HP Pavilion t330m
HP Pavilion a822n
HP Pavilion a6234x
HP Pavilion 8220
HP Pavilion t330t
HP Pavilion a1133w
HP Pavilion a6237c
HP Pavilion 8225
HP Pavilion t340m
HP Pavilion a6242n
HP Pavilion 8230
HP Pavilion t427m
HP Pavilion a6244n
HP Pavilion 8240
HP Pavilion t430m
HP Pavilion a6248x
HP Pavilion 8241
HP Pavilion t440m
HP Pavilion a6257c
HP Pavilion 8246
HP Pavilion t450m
HP Pavilion dx2295
HP Pavilion 8250
HP Pavilion t520m
HP Pavilion dw1420la
HP Pavilion 8260
HP Pavilion t525m
HP Pavilion a6114x
HP Pavilion 8261
HP Pavilion t530m
HP Pavilion a6210tw
HP Pavilion 8275
HP Pavilion t550m
HP Pavilion a6220tw
HP Pavilion 8276
HP Pavilion p6370t
HP 0950-3975
HP Pavilion a6225tw
HP Pavilion 8280
HP Pavilion 6370t
HP Pavilion a6230tw
HP Pavilion 8290
HP Brio BA410
HP Pavilion a6235tw
HP Pavilion a6245tw
HP Pavilion 8300A CTO
HP Pavilion 8300B CTO
HP Pavilion 8300C CTO
HP 103748-001
HP Pavilion 8300D CTO
HP Pavilion 8315
HP 124848-001
HP Pavilion 8315H
HP Pavilion 8316
HP 124892-001
HP Pavilion 8318
HP 127999-001
HP Media Center TV m8090d
HP Pavilion 8328
HP 128017-001
HP Pavilion 8360
HP 166814-001
HP Pavilion 8366
HP 174871-001
HP Pavilion 8370
HP Pavilion 8380
HP 201828-001
HP Pavilion 8390
HP 254475-001
HP Pavilion 8395
HP Pavilion 8396
HP 263998-001
HP Pavilion 8400 CTO
HP Pavilion 8400A CTO
HP 266503-001
HP Pavilion 8400B CTO
HP Pavilion 8400C CTO
HP 271353-001
HP Pavilion 8400D CTO
HP Pavilion 8400E CTO
HP Pavilion a6567c
HP 278645-004
HP Pavilion 8400F CTO
HP Pavilion 8400G CTO
HP Pavilion 8400H CTO
HP Pavilion 8400J CTO
HP Pavilion 8400K CTO
HP Pavilion 8400L CTO
HP Pavilion 8400M CTO
HP Pavilion 8400N CTO
HP Pavilion 8400P CTO
HP Pavilion 8400Q CTO
HP Pavilion 8400S CTO
HP Pavilion 8400T CTO
HP Pavilion 8480Z
HP X-200C
HP Pavilion 8485Z
HP Pavilion 8490
HP Pavilion 8495
HP Pavilion 8496
HP Pavilion a1200e
HP 0950-3971
HP Pavilion p6631p
HP Pavilion a1200e CTO
HP 0950-3949
HP Pavilion p6631p-b
HP Pavilion a6200t
HP Pavilion 900 CTO
HP Pavilion a6200t CTO
HP Pavilion 901 CTO
HP Pavilion a6205t
HP Pavilion a6610t
HP Pavilion 950 CTO
HP Pavilion a6205t CTO
HP Pavilion 951 CTO
HP Pavilion a6214x
HP Pavilion 9760
HP Pavilion a6228x
HP Pavilion 9795C
HP Pavilion a6238x
HP Pavilion 97XX
HP Pavilion 9800 CTO
HP Pavilion 980xa CTO
HP Pavilion 9810
HP Pavilion a6300f
Hyena LC-A300ATX
IBM 24P6801
IBM 49P2040
IBM 74P4433
IBM xSeries 205
IBM IntelliStation M Pro
IBM AA20230
In Win IW-P250A2-0
In Win IW-P250A3-1
Kodak 1E8945
LandC LC-B200ATX
LandC LC-B300ATX
LandC LC-250ATX
LandC LC-A300ATX
Liteon PS-4151-6CT
Very important: this replacement will not work unless you add this ATX to AT adapter to your order. The power supply you are trying to replace was manufactured at a time when the industry was moving away from AT power supplies and more towards ATX power supplies. What you have is something of a hybrid from that error. Add this adapter to the power supply we are suggesting to the left, and you should be good to go.
Liteon PS-5251-08H
Liteon PS-5141-3D2
Liteon PS-5251-2DFS
Liteon PS-5151-2H3
Liteon PS-5161-2G
Liteon PS-5121-6H1
Liteon PS-5201-8D2
Liteon PS-6251-9C
Lotustronics ATX-300SD
Lotustronics ATX-300MD
M-TEC MPS-8804
Macron MPT-251
Macron MPT-300
Max LC-A300ATX
Mitac X-200
Mitac X-145C
Mitac X-200C
MPC 920i 920i
Newton NPS-200PB-108B
Newton NPS-250CB A
Newton NPS-250CB B
Newton NPS-250EB A
Newton NPS-250EB B
Newton NPS-200PB-123
Newton NPS-200PB-123 A
Newton NPS-160CB-1 A
Newton NPS-200PB-119A
Newton NPS-200PB-119B
Newton NPS-200PB-119C
Newton NPS-250HB A
It will be necessary to use the original mounting bracket from your old power supply.
Newton NPS-200PB-96A
Newton NPS-200PB-96B
Newton NPS-200PB-73M
Newton NPS-200PB-73
Nspire ISO-400
PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 300
Power Man FSP235-60GTW
Power Man FSP250-60ATV
Power Tronic PK-6145-DT
Power Tronic PK-6145DT-3
Powerex SPC-300-12VW
PowerMan FSP250-61GT
PowerMan FSP300-60PLN
PowerMan MBP060807
PowerMan 350WPS
PowerMan FSP250-60ATV-1A
PowerMan FSP250-GTV
PowerMan FSP200-61GT
PowerMan FSP250-61GN
PowerMan FSP235-60GTW
PowerMan IW-P250A2-0
PowerMan FSP250-60GRE
PowerMan IPS-1506A
PowerMan FSP250-60PFN
PowerMan IW-P250A3-1
PowerMan FSP300-60PFN
PowerMan FSP300-60GT
PowerMan FSP300-60BT
PowerMan FSP250-60GTW
PowerMan FSP250-60GTA
PowerMan FSP300-60ATV
PowerTech PT-6235DX3
PowerTech PT-6235DX3A
Powertech Systems WK-6200D-3N1-A
PowerWin PW-250ATXE-12v
PowerWin PW-230ATX
Powmax LP6100
Qmax LC-A300ATX
Raidmax RD-350W
SeaSonic SS-250FS
Sony Vaio VGC-RB38G
Sparkle 9PX3003006
Sparkle FSP350-60PN
Sparkle ATX-250GT
Sparkle FSP250-61GT
Sparkle FSP300-60PLN
Sparkle FSP250-60GTV
Sparkle FSP200-60MD
Sparkle FSP250-60ATV-1A
Sparkle ATX-250GU
Sparkle 350WPS
Sparkle 9PA3004241
Sparkle FSP300-60PLNR
Sparkle FSP235-60GTW
Sparkle 9PA3004205
Sparkle FSP250-60ATV
Sparkle FSP250-GTV
Sparkle FSP200-61GT
Sparkle FSP200-60ATV
Sparkle ATX-300GT
Sparkle FSP250-61GN
Sparkle 9PA3004200
Sparkle FSP250-60GRE
Sparkle 9PX3004639
Sparkle FSP300-60GTBS
Sparkle FSP250-60PFN
Sparkle FSP250-60PFN
Sparkle F300-B
Sparkle FSP300-60PFN
Sparkle 9PA300A900
Sparkle FSP300-60GT
Sparkle FSP300-60GRE
Sparkle FSP300-60BT
Sparkle FSP250-60GTW
Sparkle FSP250-60GTA
Sparkle 350WPSS
Sparkle FSP300-60ATV
Sun Cheer 230A ATX
Sun Cheer SS-250FS
Sun Cheer SR -235FS
Sun Cheer SC-301-D
Sun Cheer SC-301
Sun Cheer PC-0235A-003
TGR (Tiger Power) TG-2506-B
Tsunami LC-A300ATX
Wintech WIN-300PS

Key Features:

  • Internal relay for switching on/off
  • Silent, very quiet atx power supply
  • Selectable 110V or 220V switch
  • Full Support for P4 & AMD CPU's

Product Description:

This 350 Watt power supply from is UL Listed and super silent in operating noise. This unit performs just as well as atx power supplies that cost well over $100! . Internal relay inside the power supply is actuated by the power switch connected to your motherboard. As you can see by the connectors this is an AMD and P4 compatible atx power supply. We also add the adaptors: 2024CONVERTER (so you can have either a 20 pin and a 24 pin for your motherboard) + IDETOSATA (so you will have 2 Sata). The 350 Watt is now out of stock, so the 400 Watt version will now be sent out as a compatible replacement.

Looking to upgrade? Try this power supply. It's 630 watts and provides needed power when upgrading video cards or adding devices to your computer.

Technical Specs:

  • ATX Form factor
  • 5.75" Wide X 3.25" Tall X 5.5" Deep
  • One ATX 2.03 connector (20 pin)
  • One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • Four IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • One Floppy 4 PIN connector

Additional Specifications:


350 Watts

ORANGE +3.3V 20A
RED +5V 25A
BLUE -12V 0.8A
WHITE -5V 0.5A

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