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Shuttle PC55 Power Supply - 450 Watt - Revision 2

Product Number PC55

450 Watt Power Supply - Shuttle PC55
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The power supply comes with the connectors shown. If you need additional connectors you may add from the list below:
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Shuttle PC55
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3500
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3800
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800X
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3500G
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 3800W
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800 Deluxe
Shuttle XPC Prima P2 4800E Workstation
Shuttle XPC Prima SX38P2
Shuttle XPC Prima SP35P2
Shuttle XPC Prima SX48P2
Shuttle PC55I00002
Shuttle PC43I3503
Shuttle XPC SB95PV2
Shuttle XPC SD37P2
Shuttle XPC SD39P2
Shuttle XPC SN26P
Shuttle PC43
Shuttle XPC SN27P2
Shuttle PC43003
Shuttle XPC SD31P
Shuttle XPC SB81P
Shuttle XPC SN25P

Key Features:

  1. Fits all Shuttle XPC Prima Series with P and P2 Chassis

Product Description:

Enjoy the latest and greatest with revision 2 of the Shuttle PC55 power supply. This 450 watt quiet power supply is just what you need to give the boost to your Shuttle XPC Prima series computer. This power supply fits all Shuttle XPC computers that have the P or P2 chassis. Upgrading your video card? No problem. This revision 2 of the Shuttle PC55 comes equiped with a dedicated pci express plug just for your new video card. Many of our customers refer to the PC55 as the "L-shaped" power supply. See below for the full list of systems that use the Shuttle PC55 power supply.

Q: What's the difference between us and others that sell this power supply?

A: We actually have it in stock and ready to ship.

Technical Specs:

  • 6" wide x 3.25" tall x 3.25" deep
  • One 8 PIN CPU connector
  • Two Molex 4 PIN connectors
  • Three SATA connectors
  • Two PCI Express connectors
Output Max. Load
+12VSBA 17A
+12VSBB 17A
+12V 12A
+5V 3.5A
+3.3V 3.5A

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