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Athena AP-MP4ATX47FE 470 Watt Micro ATX Power Supply

Product Number AP-MP4ATX47FE

Athena AP-MP4ATX47FE 470 Watt Micro ATX Power Supply
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
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HP 5184-2191
HP 5185-2934
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HP Pavilion 4420
HP Pavilion 4416H
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HP Pavilion 4422H
HP Pavilion 4430
HP Pavilion 4433
HP Pavilion 4435
HP Pavilion 4440
HP Pavilion 4443
HP Pavilion 4445
HP Pavilion 4450
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HP Pavilion 4455
HP Pavilion 4456
HP Pavilion 4458
HP Pavilion 4460
HP Pavilion 4463
HP Pavilion 4473
HP Pavilion 4483
HP Pavilion 4510
HP Pavilion 4515
HP Pavilion 4530
HP Pavilion 4533
HP Pavilion 4535
HP Pavilion 4536
HP Pavilion 4540
HP Pavilion 4550Z
HP Pavilion 4553Z
HP Pavilion 4563Z
HP Pavilion 6532
HP Pavilion 6535
HP Pavilion 6540C
HP Pavilion 6545C
HP Pavilion 6553
HP Pavilion 6563Z
HP Pavilion 6573Z
HP Pavilion 6623
HP Pavilion 6633C
HP Pavilion 6640C
HP Pavilion 6643
HP Pavilion 6646C
HP Pavilion 6648C
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HP Pavilion XE743
HP Pavilion XE839
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HP Pavilion 4510
HP Pavilion 4512
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HP Pavilion 6508
HP Pavilion 6511
HP Pavilion 6615
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HP Pavilion 8745
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HP Pavilion 8748
HP Pavilion 6835
HP Pavilion 8750
HP Pavilion 6837
HP Pavilion 8751
HP Pavilion 6839
HP Pavilion 8754
HP Pavilion 6841
HP Pavilion 8755
HP Pavilion 6842
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Lotustronics ENP-2120D
Lotustronics ENP-2120H
Lotustronics SFX-1215H
Newton NPS-200PB-88 A
Newton NPS-90-2A
Newton NPS-90-2A
Newton 79F3391
Newton NPS-200PB-56C
Newton NPS-200PB-96D
Newton NPS-200PB-96C
PC Power and Cooling Turbo-Cool 180 SFX-S
Powerex SPC-202
Powerex SPC-300-12VW
Powerex SPC-350-12VW
PowerMan FSP180-50NIV-H
PowerMan FSP270-50SNV
PowerMan FSP300-60GLS
PowerMan IP-P300L1-0
PowerMan FSP300-60GNV
Powmax LP6100A
Powmax PSLP6100AA
Samsung SFX-108C
SeaSonic SS-200SFD
SeaSonic SS-180SFD
SeaSonic SS-145SFD
SeaSonic SS-250SFD
Soltek SS-250SFD
Sparkle FSP180-50NIV-H
Sparkle FSP270-50SNV
Sparkle FSP300-60GLS
Sparkle FSP200-50SNV
Sparkle FSP300-60GLS-MJR
Sparkle 9PA2700126
Sparkle FSP300-60GNV
Tagan TG300-FX

Key Features:

  • 470 Watts
  • -5V circuit and HP video to support older systems
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Dual 12V rails
  • Supports Intel Core 2 Quad, AMD 64 Phenom, ATI Radeon, and Nvidia GeForce

Product Description:

Micro atx power supplies do not get much more powerful than this dual rail Athena model AP-MP4ATX47FE. This power supply has 470 watts of power and is compatible with both older computers and newer ones. The -5V circuit and the hp video connector provide compatibility for older systems while the pci express and EPS-12v leads ensure that you are ready for i3, i5, and i7. If you are in the computer repair business, this power supply is a good one to have on your shelf because it is low cost, and it replaces most any micro atx power supply. This is currently out of stock, so we will send out the AP-MP4ATX40- 400 Watt instead.

Technical Specs:

  • 5" Wide X 2.5" Tall X 4.75" Deep
  • One ATX Connector (20/24 pin)
  • One EPS-12V 8-Pin Connector
  • One P4 Connector
  • Two PCI Express Connectors (6-pin)
  • Two PCI Express Connectors (6+2 pin)
  • Four Molex Connectors
  • Four Sata Connectors
  • One Floppy Connector
  • One HP Video Connector
  • This is currently out of stock, so we will send out the AP-MP4ATX40- 400 Watt instead.
  • Weight: 2.8500 lbs
  • UPC Code: 821524014720
Output Max. Load
+3.3V 12A
-12V 0.8A
+12V1 13A
+12V2 13A
+5V 19A
-5V 0.5A
+5Vsb 3A

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