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Universal Laptop AC Adapter - Slim 65

Product Number SLIM65

Universal Laptop AC ADapter - Slim 65
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Key Features:

  1. 90 Watts peak
  2. CEC Compliant
  3. High Efficiency - 85% peak
  4. Selectable Outputs of 15,16,18,19,20,21 volts dc
  5. Delivers 4 amps of current.
  6. Only 18 millimeters think
  7. Nylon travel bag included

Product Description:

This SPI Slim 65 Universal Laptop AC Adapter is compatible with over 6000 different models of notebook computers. This is made possible thanks to the eight different plugs and selectable output of 15,16,18,19,20, and 21 volts. While providing up to 90 watts of power this laptop ac adapter stays cool to the touch because of its extremely high efficiency rating. This cool operation helps because you no longer have to worry about a hot adapter discoloring your carpet. Not only that, but the Slim 65 probably would not be on the floor anyway because it has pleasing looks even out in plain view!

Check out the exhaustive compatibility list below and find your computer make and model. If it is in the list then this Slim 65 Universal Laptop AC Adapter is compatible with your machine. Out beside your listing it also tells which color plug you should use. To figure out which voltage setting you need simply find the voltage on your old adapter and set the Slim 65 the same.

FAQ: This power supply supplies more amps than my original power supply. Will this hurt my computer?

ANSWER: No, the power supply is passive and will only deliver the amount of amps demanded by your system. What you should watch out for, however, is the voltage setting. Make sure that the voltage setting is set correctly because if not it is possible to damage your device.

Technical Specs:

  • 3" Wide X 3/8" Tall X 5.5" Deep
  • Weight: ~8 oz.

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