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FSP FSP750-80EPN 750 Watt ATX Power Supply

Product Number FSP750-80EPN

FSP FSP750-80EPN 750 Watt ATX Power Supply
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Replaces the following computer power supplies:
Asus 04G185015510DE
Bestec ATX-250-12Z Rev S
Bestec ATX0350P5WA
Bestec ATX0300D5WB
Bestec ATX0300D5WB Rev X3
Bestec ATX0350D5WA
Compaq 202348-001
Compaq 189543-004
Compaq 189643-002
Compaq 351599-001
Compaq 189643-001
Compaq 189643-004
Compaq Evo W6000
Compaq WTX460-3505
Dell DLP3067F3 LF
Dell L305P-00
Note: The Dell P6 adapter must be added to be 100% compatible
Dell PS-6311-2DF2
Note: The Dell P6 adapter must be added to be 100% compatible
Dell Vostro 200 Mini Tower
Dell L230P-00
Dell PS-5231-2DFS-LF
Dell Dimension 3000
Dell L230N-00
Dell Dimension 3100
Dell Dimension 4700
Dell Dimension 5000
Dell Dimension 5150
Dell Dimension 8400
Dell Dimension 9100
Dell Dimension 9150
Dell Dimension E310
Dell Dimension E510
Dell Dimension E520
Dell Dimension E521
Dell Optiplex GX280 Mini Tower
Dell Optiplex GX520 Mini Tower
Dell Optiplex GX620 Mini Tower
Note: The Dell P6 adapter must be added to be 100% compatible
Dell Optiplex 745 Mini Tower
Dell NH493
Dell PowerEdge SC420
Dell L305P-01
Dell Precision 370
Dell Optiplex 740 Mini Tower
Dell Optiplex 755 Mini Tower
Dell Dimension 9200
Dell PS-6311-5DF-LF
Dell K8956
Dell WM283
Dell P8401K8956
Dell F4284
Dell P8401
Dell Dimension B110
Dell Inspiron 600
Dell Dimension 1100
Dell PS-6301-05D
Dell Dimension 2200
Dell N6H3C
Dell Dimension 2300
Dell L300NM-00
Dell Dimension 2350
Dell Dimension 2400
Dell Dimension 4300
Dell 1E115
Dell Dimension 4400
Dell 2Y4RWB1
Dell Dimension 4500
Dell 4G456
Dell Dimension 4550
Dell 79WPJ
Dell Dimension 4600
Dell R8042
Dell Dimension 8200
Dell Dimension 8250
Dell Optiplex GX60 Tower
Dell Optiplex GX150 Tower
Dell Optiplex 160L Tower
Dell Inspiron 620
Dell Optiplex 390MT
Dell Dimension 5100
Dell Optiplex 170L Tower
Dell Optiplex 990MT
Dell Optiplex GX240 Tower
Dell D3D1C
Dell 00N380
Dell Optiplex GX260 Tower
Dell L265EM-00
Dell 04G456
Dell Optiplex GX270 Tower
Dell 0D3D1C
Dell 0K0564
Dell Precision 340
Dell PS-6271-01DA
Dell 0K2583
Dell Precision 350
Dell 0K2946
Dell DPS-350VB-1 A
Dell 0N380
Dell PowerEdge 400SC
Dell 0Y2682
Dell PowerEdge 600SC
Dell FU909
Dell Inspiron 530
Dell HP-P2507FWP3
Dell ATX0350P5WA
Dell G846G
Dell Optiplex 755 SMT
Dell 0G846G
Dell Vostro 460
Dell D350PD-00
Dell MC633
Dell PC357
Dell N8372
Dell NC905
Dell C5201
Dell PH333
Dell H305N-00
Dell G849G
Dell PowerEdge 800
Dell DPS-350XB-2
Dell PowerEdge 830
Dell Vostro 200
Dell Vostro 400
Dell Inspiron 531
Dell XW599
Dell XW600
Dell XW601
Dell ATX0300D5WB
Dell ATX0300D5WB Rev X3
Dell Precision 530
Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower
Dell XPS 410
Dell L375P-00
Dell XPS 400
Dell KH624
Dell W8185
Dell PS-6371-1DF2-LF
Dell PS-6371-1DF-LF
Dell L305N-00
Dell PS-5251-2DS
Dell PS-6311-202
Dell DXP061
Dell XPS 430
Dell C3760
Dell PS-6311-1DFS
Dell PS-631-50F-LF
Dell PowerEdge SC240
Dell Optiplex 750
Dell N230N-00
Dell XPS 420
Dell Studio XPS 435 Mini Tower
Dell OptiPlex GX745
Dell C921D
Dell C9962
Dell YH542
Dell JH994
Dell D5032
Dell Optiplex 960
Dell Optiplex 780 Mini Tower
Dell MK9GY
Dell PW115
Dell 0MK9GY
Dell CX305N-00
Dell F255E-00
Dell H305P-02
Dell HP-P2507FW
Dell CY827
Dell Optiplex 960MT
Dell C248C
Dell Vostro 220 Mini Tower
Dell Optiplex 760MT
Dell F305P
Dell FY632
Dell N305P-01
Dell NPS-250KB-C
Dell CN-0K2583
Dell NPS-250KB-D
Dell NPS-250KB-E
Dell NPS-250KB-F
Dell CX305P-00
Dell K692G
Dell Studio 540 Mini Tower
Dell Inspiron 560
Dell Inspiron 570
Dell PS-5251-2DF2
Dell PS-6301-6
Dell M8805
Note: The Dell P6 adapter must be added to be 100% compatible
Dell M8802
Dell M8806
Dell X8129
Dell MC164
Dell H305P-00
Dell HP-P3067F3
Delta DPS-300A
Delta DPS-460DB-1A
Delta DPS-350VB-1 A
Delta DPS-350XB-2
Delta DPS-360FB-1A
Delta DPS-450EB C
Enhance ENS-0246B
FSP ATX-350PN-B204
FSP 9PA6000604
FSP 9PA4601602
FSP 9PA7501700
Fujitsu NPS-400AB A
Fujitsu NPS-400AB B
Gateway 614GE
Gateway 3200S
High Power HP-500-G12S
Hipro DLP3067F3 LF
Hipro HP-W700WC3
Hipro H230P-00
Hipro HP-P2307F3P
Hipro HP-P2307F3P-LF
Hipro HP-P2507FWP3
Hipro HP-P3067F3
HP Envy 750-424
HP Envy 700-414
HP 5188-2862
HP 189643-004
HP 189643-001
HP 351599-001
HP 189643-002
HP 189543-004
HP 202348-001
HP Workstation XW6000
HP Workstation xw8000
HP 333053-001
HP 333607-001
Liteon PS-6311-2DF2
Note: The Dell P6 adapter must be added to be 100% compatible
Liteon PS-5231-2DFS-LF
Liteon PS-6311-5DF-LF
Liteon PS-6311-1DFS
Liteon PS-631-50F-LF
Liteon PS-5251-2DF2
Liteon PS-6301-6
Logisys PS600A12
MPC ClientPro 858B
Newton NPS-400AB B REV 05
Newton NPS-400AB A
Newton NPS-400AB B
Newton NPS-400AB REV 05
Newton NPS-250KB-C
Newton NPS-250KB-D
Newton NPS-250KB-E
Newton NPS-250KB-F
PC Power and Cooling PPCS500D
PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500
PowerMan FSP400-60GLC
PowerMan FSP350-60THN
Ram Technologies PFC310PCX
Ram Technologies PFC400PCX
Ram Technologies PFC230PCX
Siemens NPS-400AB A
Siemens NPS-400AB B
Siemens NPS-400AB REV 05
Siemens NPS-400AB B REV 05
Siemens HP-700WC3
Sparkle FSP400-60GLC
Sparkle FSP350-60THN
Sparkle FSP350-60GLC
Sparkle ATX-350PN
Sparkle ATX-350PN-B204
Sparkle SPI460PFB2
Sparkle SPI460PFB2-MC2
Sparkle 9PA4601602
Sparkle FSP300-60GLCR-B204
Sparkle FSP300-60GLC
Sparkle FSP460-60GLC
Sparkle FSP460-60PFN
Sparkle FSP460-60GLN

Key Features:

  • 750 watts
  • Quad 12V rails
  • 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency certified

Product Description:

Stop playing power supply patty cake and step into the real world with this 750 watt FSP750-80EPN. This power supply is serious and was built for high power gaming and server systems. Practically any connector you need is available on this power supply which makes matching up connectors a breeze. Enjoy having plenty of reach for each of your devices because the shortest lead on this entire power supply is two feet long. The FSP750-80EPN 750 watt power supply has quad 12 volt rails and an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency rating. We are currently out of stock of this item-we suggest the ATX-700 (which is now upgraded to the ATX-800) as the next most compatible replacement for this item-check out that page on our site. The only plug that will not be on this replacement is the One 8 Pin ATX/EPS Connector (4+4) so you will have to get this yourself elsewhere, we do not have this adaptor to add on unfortunately.

Technical Specs:

  • 5.9" Wide X 3.4" Tall X 5.5" Deep
  • One ATX Connector (24 pin)
  • One P4 Connector
  • One 8 Pin CPU Connector (4+4)
  • One 8 Pin ATX/EPS Connector (4+4)
  • Two PCI Express Connectors
  • Two PCI Express Connectors (6+2)
  • Two Molex Connectors
  • Four Sata Connectors
  • Two Floppy Connectors
  • Wattage: 750
  • Efficiency rating: 80 PLUS Bronze
  • Cooling fan size: 120mm
  • Cable lengths: 22 inches
  • Weight: 4.45 lbs
  • UPC Code: 845685001825
  • 750 watts
  • Weight: 4.45 LBS.
Output Max. Load
+5Vsb 3.5A
-12V 0.5A
+12V1 18A
+12V2 18A
+12V3 18A
+12V4 18A
+5V 30A
+3.3V 30A

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