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Laptop Power Supply - 90 Watt

Product Number NB90

Laptop AC Adapter - 90 Watt - NB90

$58.99 is safe to buy from.

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Replaces the following laptop power supplies:
Compaq Presario - C500
Compaq Presario - C300
Compaq Presario - 700
Acer Aspire 1200
Acer Aspire 1300
Acer AcerNote 300 Series
Acer AcerNote 350 Series
Acer AcerNote 352 Series
Acer AcerNote 355 Series
Acer AcerNote 356 Series
Acer AcerNote 358 Series
Acer AcerNote 361 Series
Acer AcerNote 370 Series
Acer LifeNote 373
Acer Light 350 Series
Acer Light 356 Series
Acer Light 358 Series
Acer Light 370 Series
Acer Light 371 Series
Acer Light 372 Series
Acer Light 373 Series
Acer Light 374 Series
Acer Light 380 Series
Acer Light 382 Series
Acer TI Extensa 350 Series
Acer TI Extensa 355 Series
Acer TI Extensa 360 Series
Acer TI Extensa 365 Series
Acer TI Extensa 366 Series
Acer TI Extensa 367 Series
Acer TI Extensa 368 Series
Acer TI Extensa 390 Series
Acer TI Extensa 391 Series
Acer TI Extensa 392 Series
Acer TI Extensa 393 Series
Acer TI Extensa 394 Series
Acer TI Extensa 395 Series
Acer TI Extensa 500 Series
Acer TI Extensa 501 Series
Acer TI Extensa 502 Series
Acer TI Extensa 503 Series
Acer TI Extensa 505 Series
Acer TI Extensa 550 Series
Acer TI Extensa 600 Series
Acer TI Extensa 900 Series
Acer TravelMate 200 Series
Acer TravelMate 201 Series
Acer TravelMate 202 Series
Acer TravelMate 210 Series
Acer TravelMate 212 Series
Acer TravelMate 220 Series
Acer TravelMate 270 Series
Acer TravelMate 290 Series
Acer TravelMate 291 Series
Acer TravelMate 330 Series
Acer TravelMate 332 Series
Acer TravelMate 333 Series
Acer TravelMate 340 Series
Acer TravelMate 341 Series
Acer TravelMate 342 Series
Acer Travelmate 343 Series
Acer TravelMate 345T
Acer Travelmate 350 Series
Acer Travelmate 351 Series
Acer Travelmate 360 Series
Acer Travelmate 505 Series
Acer Travelmate 506 Series
Acer Travelmate 507 Series
Acer Travelmate 508 Series
Acer Travelmate 510 Series
Acer Travelmate 512 Series
Acer Travelmate 513 Series
Acer Travelmate 514 Series
Acer Travelmate 515 Series
Acer Travelmate 517 Series
Acer Travelmate 520 Series
Acer Travelmate 521 Series
Acer Travelmate 524 Series
Acer Travelmate 525 Series
Acer Travelmate 600 Series
Acer Travelmate 602 Series
Acer Travelmate 603 Series
Acer Travelmate 630 Series
Acer Travelmate 720 Series
Acer Travelmate 721 Series
Acer Travelmate 722 Series
Acer Travelmate 723 Series
Acer Travelmate 730 Series
Acer Travelmate 732 Series
Acer Travelmate 734 Series
Acer Travelmate 735 Series
Acer Travelmate 736 Series
Acer Travelmate 737 Series
Acer Travelmate 738 Series
Acer Travelmate 739 Series
Acer TF6720
Acer TF6760
Acer FT8850
Acer TI Ferrari 3000
Acer TI Extensa 390C
Acer TI Extensa 610
Acer TI Extensa 610CD
Acer TI Extensa 610CDT
Acer TI Extensa 616 Series
Acer TI Extensa 620 Series
Acer TI Extensa 690 Series
Acer TI Extensa 512
Acer TI Extensa 513
Acer TI Extensa 514
Acer TI Extensa 515
Acer TI Extensa 516
Acer TI Extensa 517
Acer TI Extensa 600 Series
Acer TI Extensa 700 Series
Acer TI Extensa 710 Series
Acer TI Extensa 711 Series
Acer TI Extensa 712 Series
Acer AcerNote 850C
Acer Light 360 Series
Asus A1000 Series
Asus Artbook L7336
Asus B1000 Series
Asus F7400
Asus L1000B Series
Asus L2000B Series
Asus L2000D Series
Asus L2000E Series
Asus L3000C Series
Asus L3000S Series
Asus L7233
Asus L7300
Asus L8400
Asus M1000 Series
Asus M2000 Series
Asus M2 Series
Asus M2400
Asus MP 8xxx series
Asus S1000 Series
Asus T4700CS
Asus T7200
Asus T9000 Series
Asus W2V00VC
Asus A3500
Asus A35C7PDR
Asus M9000
Asus M6000
Asus M6Q-74OD
Asus M5200
Asus W6000
Asus W5000
Asus W3000
Asus A6000
Asus A6Q740DD
Benq Joybook 5100-T33U
Benq Joybook 2100-T26
Benq Joybook R53-T21
Benq Joybook S72
Benq Joybook 8100-T20
Benq Joybook 7000
Compaq Contura 400CX
Compaq Contura 410C
Compaq Contura 410CX
Compaq Contura 420C
Compaq Contura 420CX
Compaq Contura 430C
Compaq Contura 430CX
Compaq Contura 3/20
Compaq Contura 3/25
Compaq Contura 3/25C
Compaq Contura 4/20
Compaq Contura 4/25
Compaq Contura 4/25C
Compaq Contura 4/25CX
Compaq Evo N105
Compaq Evo N115
Compaq Evo N150 Series
Compaq Evo N160
Compaq Evo N180
Compaq Evo N400c
Compaq Presario 700
Compaq Presario 700Z
Compaq Presario 701
Compaq Presario 701
Compaq Presario 702
Compaq Presario 703
Compaq Presario 704
Compaq Presario 705
Compaq Presario 705US
Compaq Presario 706
Compaq Presario 710
Compaq Presario 711
Compaq Presario 712
Compaq Presario 713
Compaq Presario 714
Compaq Presario 715
Compaq Presario 716
Compaq Presario 717
Compaq Presario 718
Compaq Presario 719
Compaq Presario 720
Compaq Presario 721
Compaq Presario 722
Compaq Presario 723
Compaq Presario 724
Compaq Presario 725
Compaq Presario 800
Compaq Presario 800XL
Compaq Presario 1000
Compaq Presario 1010
Compaq Presario 1020
Compaq Presario 1030
Compaq Presario 1040
Compaq Presario 1050
Compaq Presario 1060
Compaq Presario 1065
Compaq Presario 1070
Compaq Presario 1075
Compaq Presario 1080
Compaq Presario 1082
Compaq Presario 1084
Compaq Presario 1090
Compaq Presario 1200
Compaq Presario 1200XL
Compaq Presario 1207
Compaq Presario 1210
Compaq Presario 1215
Compaq Presario 1220
Compaq Presario 1221
Compaq Presario 1230
Compaq Presario 1232
Compaq Presario 1235
Compaq Presario 1236
Compaq Presario 1237
Compaq Presario 1240
Compaq Presario 1244
Compaq Presario 1245
Compaq Presario 1247
Compaq Presario 1250
Compaq Presario 1255
Compaq Presario 1256
Compaq Presario 1260
Compaq Presario 1262
Compaq Presario 1266
Compaq Presario 1267
Compaq Presario 1270
Compaq Presario 1272
Compaq Presario 1273
Compaq Presario 1274
Compaq Presario 1275
Compaq Presario 1277
Compaq Presario 1278
Compaq Presario 1279
Compaq Presario 1280
Compaq Presario 1400
Compaq Presario 1400T
Compaq Presario 1450
Compaq Presario 1600i
Compaq Presario 1600s series
Compaq Presario 1610
Compaq Presario 1611
Compaq Presario 1612
Compaq Presario 1620
Compaq Presario 1621
Compaq Presario 1622
Compaq Presario 1625
Compaq Presario 1626
Compaq Presario 1630
Compaq Presario 1640
Compaq Presario 1645
Compaq Presario 1650
Compaq Presario 1655
Compaq Presario 1670
Compaq Presario 1675
Compaq Presario 1680
Compaq Presario 1681
Compaq Presario 1682
Compaq Presario 1685
Compaq Presario 1687
Compaq Presario 1688
Compaq Presario 1690
Compaq Presario 1692
Compaq Presario 1693
Compaq Presario 1694
Compaq Presario 1700 Series
Compaq Presario 1710
Compaq Presario 1710SB
Compaq Presario 1800 Series
Compaq Presario 1800T Series
Compaq Presario 1800XL
Compaq Presario 1810
Compaq Presario 1820
Compaq Presario 1825
Compaq Presario 1827
Compaq Presario 1830
Compaq Presario 2700
Compaq Presario 2700T
Compaq Presario 150
Compaq Presario 170
Compaq Presario 190
Compaq Armada 100
Compaq Armada 100S
Compaq Armada 110
Compaq Armada 110S
Compaq Armada 2940
Compaq Armada 3100
Compaq Armada 4100
Compaq Presario E3801AP
Compaq Armada 4110
Compaq Presario NC6230
Compaq Armada 4110D
Compaq Presario PV2006
Compaq Armada 4110T
Compaq Armada 4120
Compaq Armada 4120T
Compaq Armada 4124D
Compaq Armada 4125
Compaq Armada 4125D
Compaq Armada 4130
Compaq Armada 4130T
Compaq Armada 4131
Compaq Armada 4131T
Compaq Armada 4150
Compaq Armada 4150T
Compaq Armada 4160
Compaq Armada 4160T
Compaq Armada 4200
Compaq Armada 4210
Compaq Armada 4210T
Compaq Armada 4220T
Compaq Armada E300
Compaq Armada E500
Compaq Armada E500S
Compaq Armada E700
Compaq Armada M2453
Compaq Armada M300
Compaq Armada M500
Compaq Armada M700
Compaq Armada V300
Compaq Armada 600 Series
Compaq Armada 800 Series
Compaq Contura 386 Series
Compaq Contura 486 Series
Compaq Contura 400C
Delta ADP-50HH
Delta ADP-75SB AB
FSP FSP060-1AD103
Hitachi E-100
Hitachi E-100D
Hitachi E-100DC
Hitachi E-100DN
Hitachi E-133
Hitachi E-133D
Hitachi E-133DC
Hitachi E-133DN
Hitachi E-133T
Hitachi E-133TC
Hitachi E133DC
Hitachi MX133T
Hitachi MX150T
Hitachi MX166T
Hitachi Versa
Hitachi S940
HP Pavilion N5482
HP Pavilion N5484
HP Pavilion N5490
HP Pavilion N5491
HP Pavilion N5495
HP Pavilion N5511
HP Pavilion N5584
HP Pavilion N6191
HP Pavilion N9195
HP Pavilion N6395
HP Pavilion N6396
HP Pavilion N6397
HP Pavilion N6398
HP Pavilion N6399
HP Pavilion N6400
HP Pavilion N6401
HP Pavilion N6403
HP Pavilion N6404
HP Pavilion N9490
HP Pavilion XH455
HP Pavilion XH485
HP Pavilion XH535
HP Pavilion XH545
HP Pavilion XH555
HP Pavilion XH575
HP Pavilion XH675
HP Pavilion XU155
HP Pavilion XZ185
HP Pavilion XZ275
HP Pavilion ZE1110
HP Pavilion ZE1145
HP Pavilion ZU1155
HP Pavilion ZU1175
HP Pavilion ZT1114
HP Pavilion ZT1120
HP Pavilion ZT1121
HP Pavilion ZT1125
HP Pavilion ZT1130
HP OmniBook 2000
HP OmniBook 4000
HP OmniBook 4000C
HP OmniBook 4000CT
HP OmniBook 4000E
HP OmniBook 6100
HP OmniBook 6050
HP OmniBook 6200
HP OmniBook VT6200
HP OmniBook XT1000
HP OmniBook XT15
HP OmniBook XT15 2000
HP NX6120
HP NX6130
HP OmniBook 2100 Series
HP OmniBook 2103
HP OmniBook 2105
HP OmniBook 3000 Series
HP OmniBook 3100 Series
HP OmniBook 3101
HP OmniBook 4100 Series
HP OmniBook 4101
HP OmniBook 4103
HP OmniBook 4105
HP OmniBook 4150 Series
HP OmniBook 500
HP OmniBook 6000 Series
HP OmniBook 7100 Series
HP OmniBook 7103
HP OmniBook 7150 Series
HP OmniBook 900 Series
HP OmniBook XE Series
HP OmniBook XE2 Series
HP Omnibook XE3 Series
HP Pavilion 5159
HP Pavilion N3100 Series
HP Pavilion N3110
HP Pavilion N3150
HP Pavilion N3190
HP Pavilion N3200 Series
HP Pavilion N3210
HP Pavilion N3215
HP Pavilion N3220
HP Pavilion N3250
HP Pavilion N3270
HP Pavilion N3290
HP Pavilion N3295
HP Pavilion N3300 Series
HP Pavilion N3310
HP Pavilion N3300
HP Pavilion N3350
HP Pavilion N3370
HP Pavilion N3390
HP Pavilion N5000
HP Pavilion N5100
HP Pavilion N5125
HP Pavilion N5130
HP Pavilion N5159
HP Pavilion N5190
HP Pavilion N5270
HP Pavilion N5271
HP Pavilion N5350
HP Pavilion XH156
HP Pavilion ZT1131
HP Pavilion ZT1132
HP Pavilion ZT1135
HP Pavilion ZT1141
HP Pavilion ZT1142
HP Pavilion ZT1145
HP Pavilion ZT1150
HP Pavilion ZT1151
HP Pavilion ZT1152
HP Pavilion ZT1155
HP Pavilion ZT1161
HP Pavilion ZT1162
HP Pavilion ZT1170
HP Pavilion ZT1171
HP Pavilion ZT1172
HP Pavilion ZT1175
HP Pavilion ZT1180
HP Pavilion ZT1181
HP Pavilion ZT1182
HP Pavilion ZT1185
HP Pavilion ZT1190
HP Pavilion ZT1192
HP Pavilion N3402
HP Pavilion N3410
HP Pavilion N3438
HP Pavilion N3478
HP Pavilion N3490
HP Pavilion N5150
HP Pavilion N5170
HP Pavilion ZT3308AP
HP Pavilion EZ2205AP
HP Pavilion N5195
HP Pavilion N5200
HP Pavilion N5210
HP Pavilion N5240
HP Pavilion N5250
HP Pavilion N5270
HP Pavilion N5290
HP Pavilion N5295
HP Pavilion N5300
HP Pavilion N5310
HP Pavilion N5311
HP Pavilion N5340
HP Pavilion N5421
HP Pavilion N5422
HP Pavilion N5425
HP Pavilion N5430
HP Pavilion N5440
HP Pavilion N5441
HP Pavilion N5442
HP Pavilion N5444
HP Pavilion N5445
HP Pavilion N5450
HP Pavilion N5452
HP Pavilion N5454
HP Pavilion N5455
HP Pavilion N5461
HP Pavilion N5462
HP Pavilion N5470
HP Pavilion N5472
HP Pavilion N5474
HP Pavilion N5475
HP Pavilion N5481
Medion MD5050
Medion MD5061
Medion MD5214
Medion MD5218
Medion MD5222
Medion MD5223
Medion MD5225
Medion MD5389
Medion MD5396
Medion MD5400
Medion MD5498
Medion MD5499
Medion MD5943
Medion MD5944
Medion MD5945
Medion MD5946
Medion MD6001
Medion MD6200
Medion MD7321
MSI S250
Sony Vaio FXA33
Sony Vaio FXA36
Sony Vaio PCG-700 Series
Sony Vaio PCG-705
Sony Vaio PCG-707
Sony Vaio PCG-717
Sony Vaio PCG-719
Sony Vaio PCG-729
Sony Vaio PCG-731
Sony Vaio PCG-735
Sony Vaio PCG-748
Sony Vaio PCG-800 Series
Sony Vaio PCG-808
Sony Vaio PCG-812
Sony Vaio PCG-818
Sony Vaio PCG-838
Sony Vaio PCG-F150
Sony Vaio PCG-F160
Sony Vaio PCG-F180
Sony Vaio PCG-F190
Sony Vaio PCG-F250
Sony Vaio PCG-F270
Sony Vaio PCG-F280
Sony Vaio PCG-F290
Sony Vaio PCG-F340
Sony Vaio PCG-F350
Sony Vaio PCG-F360
Sony Vaio PCG-F370
Sony Vaio PCG-F390
Sony Vaio PCG-F400LT
Sony Vaio PCG-F403
Sony Vaio PCG-F409
Sony Vaio PCG-F420
Sony Vaio PCG-F430
Sony Vaio PCG-F450
Sony Vaio PCG-F480
Sony Vaio PCG-F480K
Sony Vaio PCG-F490K
Sony Vaio PCG-F520
Sony Vaio PCG-F540
Sony Vaio PCG-F540K
Sony Vaio PCG-F580
Sony Vaio PCG-F580K
Sony Vaio PCG-F560
Sony Vaio PCG-F560K
Sony Vaio PCG-F590
Sony Vaio PCG-F590K
Sony Vaio PCG-F630
Sony Vaio PCG-F660
Sony Vaio PCG-F670
Sony Vaio PCG-F680
Sony Vaio PCG-F690
Sony Vaio PCG-F707
Sony Vaio PCG-F801A
Sony Vaio PCG-F807
Sony Vaio PCG-FX103
Sony Vaio PCG-FX105K
Sony Vaio PCG-FX109K
Sony Vaio PCG-FX120
Sony Vaio PCG-FX170
Sony Vaio PCG-FX190
Sony Vaio PCG-FX200
Sony Vaio PCG-FX770K
Sony Vaio PCG-FX800
Sony Vaio PCG-FX880K
Sony Vaio PCG-R505CT
Sony Vaio PCG-R505CTS
Sony Vaio PCG-R505DT
Sony Vaio PCG-R505TE
Sony Vaio PCG-R505TEK
Sony Vaio PCG-R505TS
Sony Vaio PCG-XE17
Sony Vaio PCG-XG Series
Sony Vaio PCG-XG18
Sony Vaio PCG-XG19
Sony Vaio PCG-XG28
Sony Vaio PCG-XG28K
Sony Vaio PCG-XG29
Sony Vaio PCG-XG38
Sony Vaio PCG-XG39
Sony Vaio PCG-XG39K
Sony Vaio PCG-XG9
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505FA
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505GA
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505GAH
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505GAM
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505HE
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505HS
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505HSK
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505JE
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505JEK
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505JS
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505JSK
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505LE
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505LEK
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505LS
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505LSK
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505R
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505RX
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505S
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505SX
Sony Vaio FX103
Sony Vaio FX105K
Sony Vaio FX109K
Sony Vaio FX120
Sony Vaio FX170
Sony Vaio FX190
Sony Vaio FX200
Sony Vaio FX270
Sony Vaio FX770K
Sony Vaio FX800
Sony Vaio FX880K
Sony Vaio FXA32
Toshiba Satellite 1000
Toshiba Satellite 1005
Toshiba Satellite 1100
Toshiba Satellite 1200 Series
Toshiba Satellite 1605
Toshiba Satellite 1625
Toshiba Satellite 1675
Toshiba Satellite 1695
Toshiba PA-1650-01
Toshiba PA3467U-1ACA
Toshiba PA3468U-1ACA
Toshiba ADP-75SB AB
Toshiba Satellite A135-S2386
Toshiba Satellite P205-S6237
Toshiba Satellite 1715 XCDS
Toshiba Satellite 1730 Series
Toshiba Satellite 1735 Series
Toshiba Satellite 1750 Series
Toshiba Satellite 1755 Series
Toshiba Satellite 3000
Toshiba Satellite 3005
Toshiba Satellite 1600
Toshiba Satellite 1700
Twinhead 121I
Twinhead F12D
Twinhead 10D
Twinhead 12K

Key Features:

  1. Universal - replaces hundreds of laptop power supplies.
  2. Power Cord included.
  3. Carrying bag included.

Product Description:

One of the most universal laptop power supplies on the market today is the FSP NB90. This 90 Watt Laptop AC adapter replaces power to notebook manufacturers like Acer, Asus, Benq, Compaq, Dell, Delta, Hitachi, HP, Medion, MSI, NEC, Sony, Toshiba, and Twinhead. Check out the laptop power suppy cross reference under the picture of the power supply and find your model. Power cord and carrying case included.

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Technical Specs:

  • 100-240V AC Input
  • 19V, up to 4.74A, 90W Max.
  • Complete Circuit & Input Fuse Protection
  • Ultra-High Efficiency
  • Approved CB, UL, CSA, CE, TUV, VDE, Nemko, CCC, QAS/DFT, EMC, FCC, BSMI, VCCI, C-TICK.
  • Low Ripple & Noise Design

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